Chicago 2018 – Day 8

Finally, the Bluesmobile day! We started the day with a nice walk through the Middlefork Savanna Forest Preserve and cooled our feet in the ice-cold water of Lake Michigan at Lake Forest.

Then we moved on to W Talcott Rd/S Cumberland Ave, where Jake and Elwood were pulled over by Rollers. There’s still a petrol station there, and when we arrived Brian M. Scanlon was already there waiting for us in his Bluesmobile. He took us for a nice tour to some filming locations here, including the red light cross, the police stop at Gillick St and the car chase through Courtland Ave and Talcott Rd. I was as happy as Jake with four fried chickens and coke – a dream came true. Thank you so much Mr. Scanlon! Hint: you can book him for a tour!

We spent the rest of the day driving through the area around Mt Prospect, ended up in the Woodfield Mall and walked a bit through the Ned Brown Preserve.

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