Chicago 2018 – Day 7

Finally, the weather changed. Dramatically. Two days before it was below 10 °C (50 °F), this day it went up to 30 °C (86 °F) and stayed there for the rest of our vacation.

We started the day with the Chicago architecture river cruise, which gave us an interesting insight to all those well-known buildings in Chicago. A great tour I recommend to everyone.

Next came the former Sears- now Willis-Tower which gave us a breathtaking 360° view on the city and some scary moments on the Skydeck – 1353 feet high with just some glass under your feet. Weather was perfect, no deep clouds, we could see the entire Chicago area and even more. We didn’t even have to wait, no queue, just forward to the elevator and up in high speed. Perfect!

No day without the Blues Brothers, so we took a bus to Jackson Park to view the bridge where the Bluesmobile forced the Illinois Nazis to jump. The bridge is still the same, you can even drive over it. I wouldn’t jump into that water if I didn’t have to…

On the way back to the “L” we went along the beach to the golden Statue of the Republic, visited the Wooded Island and finally got back home.

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