Ten Days in Chicago (2018)

Auf den Spuren der Blues Brothers: dieser Reisebericht aus Chicago muss auf Englisch sein…

In May 2018 my daughter and I traveled to Chicago for ten days. She wants to visit a girl friend who was au-pair in Lake forest while I took the chance to see some of the most famous filming locations from the Blues Brothers movie (1980).

Bremen – Amsterdam, no problems


is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgUhP4SZOvs


All visited spots in a map:

Day 1

The flight from Bremen to Amsterdam and Chicago was as expected. But when I tried to get my rental car, I got a bad surprise: the Hertz company at the O’Hare told me that they don’t accept my credit card. I had booked and paid(!) the car already from home and knew that my card was okay, so tried it again with no luck.

I went to my room in Lincolnwood I booked before via AirBnB where everything was just fine. Went to Walmart and other shops to test my credit card, no problem.

Day 2

On the next day I tried again to get my rental car and again they refused to give me the keys. Same reason: my credit card was not accepted. I phoned my credit card company if they where any problems, but the card was absolutely okay. The Hertz staff made no efforts to help me to get the car, they didn’t even want talk to my credit card company I phoned.

In the end I went to another company and paid much more (again without problems using my card). To top this, Hertz even kept 1/3 of the price as cancellation costs. Needless to say that my card worked for the rest of my vacation without any problems. Could it be they didn’t have that car and so feigned a credit card error to get at least some money? I don’t know.

Joliet Correctional Center

So, two days and a lot of money wasted, great start. Couldn’t get worse. Except for the weather.

The next days are on separate pages and include lots of photos including some of the Blues Brothers filming locations already mentioned: the Joliet correctional center, the bridge jump, the church, the Palace Hotel, the shots in Downtown Chicago and many more.

All photos and the video taken with my Fujifilm X-T2 in 4k/UHD 30fps. A great camera!

Day 3 – 10

The Bluesmobile